The World’s Best Coffee Beans

Following on from last week’s article about the health implications of drinking coffee, and how scientists views have changed from believing there is a connection to bladder cancer, to arguing that there may be no link at all, we’re moving on to our preferred choice of beans, which should be great news for anyone thinking about home machines.

Lavazza are a particularly popular brand – their Qualita Rossa beans are one of Amazon’s best sellers, thank to the rich aroma they produce and the relatively low price compared to some of the other brands on the market. They’re one of the few quality brands that can be purchased under the magic threshold of £10 per kilo – when some are more than twice that price, it’s a significant saving! At the other end of their range, there’s Lavazza’s Crema Aroma. These are far more expensive but you’re buying pure Arabica beans fresh from their factory in Torino, Italy.

For a cheaper alternative, consider Taylor’s of Harrogate, who also boast an Italian inspiration but operate under a brand that’s clearly UK based, Yorkshire in fact! It’s a mid to strong level bean, which is great for people who like to drink a lot of strong coffee without breaking the bank. If you like to buy from family businesses, then Taylor’s could well be a great choice for you to consider.

If you do drink a lot of coffee, or even run a cafe or restaurant, then make sure to have a good look around for deals, as you can often get significant savings when either buying multipacks or several units at the same time. Amazon offer subscribe and save schemes which give you a small discount on each purchase for arranging regular deliveries. That can add up to savings of 5% or more per pack, which doesn’t sound much, but can easily add up to a free pack or two per year if you drink a lot of coffee.

A lot of people consider buying a coffee machine as an extravagant purchase, but the reality is that you’ll spend a lot more money on coffee over time than you did on the machine itself. That’s why it pays to do your research to find your favourite brand and where to buy it for the best price.